Green Screen Magic | Removing Backgrounds in Alight Motion

Green Screening is a concept used in video editing. As the name implies this is a green background used in video production. You can later replace this green background with images, videos, etc. Alight Motion is a powerful and advanced video editor for your mobile offering advanced technologies for chroma key or green screen magic. This lets you remove backgrounds, merge different items, and also to create visually appealing compositions very easily and quickly without much stress.

Removing Backgrounds in Alight Motion

Preparing Green Screen Footage

When recording videos under the green screen feature it is very important to prepare the footage carefully by considering some factors like nature of the background, lighting, subject clothing materials, and distance between the subject and the screen.

  • In preparing the footage, it is better to use a solid wall with a vibrant color. Make sure to keep this screen wrinkle-free. Solid and wrinkle-free footage will surely help you to do chroma keying very simply and faster in later. Here, you can use a solid wall, a cloth, or a screen as the footage.
  • The other most important factor you have to consider when preparing the footage is the lighting. Proper lighting techniques can bring a whole difference to your output. It is  vital to avoid any shadows or hotspots in the background. Also, proper lighting will ensure an even green color making the video look more exciting and clearer.
  • Furthermore, if you want to capture the best video then make sure to keep the optimal distance between the screen and your subject. This will help you prevent any shadows on the background due to the subject and also helps to save clean edges during the later chroma keying process.
  • Plus, you must avoid clothing materials with reflection. It will be nice if you can go for solid colors that won’t reflect on your screen.

green screen magic

Screen footage preparation by considering these factors surely helps you to have a successful chroma keying or green screen editing process. A smooth, solid, and properly lit green background is the key to having a clean and accurate background removal and composition needs.

The Power of Chroma Keying in Alight Motion

Chroma keying simply is the technique of removing the background and replacing it with an image or a video. Normally this background is a green screen. Alight Motion is one of the best mobile applications to practice this chroma keying technique. Thanks to its advanced but easy-to-use features chroma keying has become a very easy and quicker process with Alight Motion.

Here is a simple guidance to use this Chroma Key feature in Alight Motion.

  • First, import the image or the video with a green screen onto the editing timeline.
  • Then, go to the ‘Effects’ and ‘Add effects chroma key’ feature.
  • Here you can see a pop-up box with Key color, Threshold, Feather, Defringe, and Invert like features.
  • The Threshold value here will be 0.1000. When you higher up this threshold value you can apply better effects.
  • The Feather adjustment will allow you to have smooth edges on the replaced background. This will help for a smooth transition between the two backgrounds.
  • You can use the color picker tool included in the ‘Chroma Key’ to select the color you want to remove accurately.

If you are using Alight Motion for Chroma Keying by following the above simple steps you can accurately replace your green background with any other background you wish. It can be a video or an image. Alight Motion surely is a user-friendly app that lets you modify your video edits with a clean and natural-looking composite.

Creating Engaging Compositions with Alight Motion

Composition is a technique of combining different videos, images, or green screens to create one composition. Alight Motion  lets you do this composition very precisely and smoothly using its nice and advanced features.

When it comes to green screening you can composite your green screen with multiple videos and images. You can replace this green screen with any other background you prefer. Or else, you can add an image or a video to the background resembling the environment you like. This can be a rural scenery, city, landscape, space, etc.

For this purpose, Alight Motion comprises  advanced layering and masking features. With these features, composition has become a stress-free process in Alight Motion.

  • Layering: This feature helps you add depth to your creation. Here you can arrange different layers including a green screen, background image or video, and other elements in order to create more visually appealing videos by adding depth..
  • Masking: The masking feature included there on the Alight Motion helps you to isolate specific areas on a specific layer. This allows you to edit them separately. Or else you can apply some blending effects too.

If you want to create attractive video compositions then Alight Motion is the best with advanced layering and masking features.

Tips and Tricks for Green Screen Success

When using Alight Motion for Green Screen editing make sure to use proper lighting when preparing the footage. Because proper lighting can make the total difference to your creation. A solid and wrinkle-free background without any shadows will make the chroma key process a successful and easier one.

Also, if you want to save time then you can go for the pre-keyed green screens. You can find these sources online. In these components, the green background is already removed making chroma keying an effortless and time-saving process.

If you want to create more visually appealing creative outputs make sure to experiment with different layering and masking techniques. Plus, you can experiment with different backgrounds and compositing techniques to create an outstanding video.


Alight Motion is a popular and advanced platform to edit your videos while removing background and composition with its green screen feature. If you want to make your chrome keying process an effective and efficient one make sure to adjust your green screen footage carefully. Here it is better if you select solid colors without wrinkles together with non-reflective subjects and proper lighting techniques. Also, adjust the Threshold and Feature values to fine-tune your chroma keying with clean edges.

Using the compositing feature is an amazing way to make your video more colorful and vibrant. Try different composting features together with different layering and masking to create your best composition video.

Use all these nice features included in Alight Motion wisely. These will guide you to create a unique video with a professional touch. Share them with your friends. Make all your imaginations shine with Alight Motion Chroma Keying now.

You can refer to these online sources for more details on chroma keying for background removal and composition using Alight Motion.

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