Alight Motion App Features | Comprehensive Review 2024

Alight Motion is a comprehensive yet easy to use video editing app for mobile devices. It allows users to edit videos right from their phones or tablets. Powerful editing features of Alight Motion help anyone to create professional looking videos in few minutes. With that in mind, let’s look at the key features you can find in this app.

alight motion features

Transitions and Effects

The app includes a vast collection of transitions and effects so users can make their videos stand out. Choose from unique transitions like glitch, shake, ink bleed and more to switch between video clips. Apply effects like smoke, lightning, flames, snow and others to make professional-grade videos. Many effects feature adjustable settings giving you control over intensity, direction and other options. Take your videos to the next level with Alight Motion’s effects toolkit.

Chroma Key Support

Alight Motion has chroma key support which lets you easily remove green/blue backgrounds from footage. This effect is commonly known as “green screening” and used extensively for visual effects in movies and broadcasting. In the app, just select your video layer and choose to enable chroma keying. Then adjust options like color tolerance, edge softness and more to seamlessly blend your subject into custom backgrounds. This opens endless creative possibilities.

Audio Mixer

The built-in audio mixer provides advanced controls when working with audio. Each audio layer has options to adjust volume levels, pan left/right, increase bass or treble, apply filters like reverb/delay and enable beat detection. You can ensure all layers blend well together by modifying levels appropriately. Add custom music or voiceovers with audio perfectly mixed every time.

Masking and Blending

Alight Motion incorporates masking and blending modes for creative visual collaging. Draw custom masks around layers then choose from several different blend modes like multiply, overlay and more to seamlessly merge them together. This technique adds new dimensions to your edits. Easily achieve effects like double exposure without downloading any external plugins or tools.

Multi-layer Editing

Alight Motion uses a multi-layer timeline for seamless editing. Each component of your video – including video clips, photos, text, audio, visual effects – exists in separate layers. You can reorganize, trim, and adjust each layer independently. This gives exceptional control over your edits and experimenting with different options is hassle-free. Complex edits become simple with the ability to manipulate layers individually.

Keyframe Animation

The keyframing tool allows you to animate layers manually over your video timeline. Set parameters like position, scale and opacity at specific points then Alight Motion automatically interpolates frames in between. This tool opens the door for all kinds of dynamic motion effects. Animate text floating across the screen, creates a custom zoom blur or have elements fade in and out smoothly. Keyframing brings your edits to life by introducing visual movement.

Export Options

When your masterpiece is ready to share with the world, Alight Motion makes it simple to export to several formats. You can export directly to popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube at the ideal resolutions. Alternatively, save your video file to your device’s camera roll supporting up to 4K resolution. Maintain complete control over the final encode settings based on where you intend to publish your video.

Speed Control

Alight Motion allows you to speed up or slow down clips in your timeline. Simply select a video layer and adjust the speed setting to make your footage faster or slower. Slow-motion effects are popular on social media, while speeding up clips can add an element of comedy or style to your video. Flexible speed settings give you this creative control.

Text Tool

An integrated text tool makes it easy to add clean titles, captions or labels to your video projects in Alight Motion. Customize the font, color, size, alignment and even add outlines or drop shadows to your text layers. Animate text for smooth on-screen movement. Adding well-designed text elements helps deliver complete, professional-looking results.

Drawing Tools

Get creative with the built-in drawing capabilities within Alight Motion’s toolkit. Use the pen, arrow, shape, eraser and transformer tools to illustrate your own visual elements frame-by-frame. Create simple sketches or detailed artwork by drawing directly over your video timeline. Add handwritten messages or even turn yourself into an animator by making custom motion graphics sequences.

Screen Recording

Need to capture video content from your mobile device? Alight Motion eliminates the need for any external screen recording apps with its own integrated recorder. Easily record your device’s screen along with optional camera, microphone and audio inputs. Capture tutorials, gameplay footage and more – excellent for video blogging and other content creation needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Alight Motion sets itself apart with its simple, user-friendly interface. The well-organized workspace and easy-to-navigate tools allow users to start editing videos instantly without a steep learning curve. Key editing features are easily accessible so you can find whatever tool you need quickly. It is designed so that both amateurs and professionals can feel comfortable using the app.


Rotoscoping within Alight Motion lets you isolate and adjust colors selectively inside your video footage. For example, enhance green hues to saturate the vibrancy of landscape shots. Or intensify blue shades to emphasize richly colored water elements. Target adjustments to certain color spectrums for advanced creative grading and color correction.


Shaky footage? Alight Motion’s video stabilization goes the extra mile by using artificial intelligence to study movement between video frames. Based on the AI’s analysis, your clips are smoothed out for professional, gimbal-like stabilization without sacrificing image quality. Say goodbye to jitters even with handheld camera original footage.

Start using Alight Motion today

Alight Motion packs a robust set of video editing tools into a well-designed, user-friendly app interface. From multi-layer timeline editing to a huge library of effects, to keyframing, chroma key and advanced audio mixing, Alight Motion places high-end functionality into every user’s hands. Anyone looking for a capable yet accessible mobile editing solution for professional video results should give Alight Motion a try. The app streamlines complex editing tasks allowing your creativity to shine through.

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