Alight Motion Pro APK 5.0.249 Download | Latest version [211MB]

Alight Motion is a motion graphic app primarily used to compose and edit videos and images, add cool effects and animations, and do many other complex tasks. In other words, this app helps anyone become a professional video editor without academic support or any professional training.

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The best thing about the Alight Motion app is the high quality and level of professionalism displayed in a video or in an image that is created using the app.

Apart from videos, users can also edit and add effects to images and animations. It has already become very popular among smartphone and PC users and has a very high rating on the Google Play Store.

Read more to discover some amazing features of the app, the ways it can be installed, and how to use it to get the best outcome.

Alight Motion Premium APK

Alight Motion Premium APK is known as the paid version of the Alight Motion motion APP. It has all the premium features and also it does not have the watermark in saved videos. This means you have to pay and buy the pro app to use all the premium features.

Alight Motion APK Download

APP Name Alight Motion
APK Size 211MB
Latest version 5.0.200
Downloads 11,030,573
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.
License Free

Alight Motion Premium Features

No water mark

  • In this pro version there is no a water mark on the saved videos.

Premium Features

  • You can access all the premium features of the app like high resolution video saving, more font styles, effects and many more!

Supports high quality videos

  • Edit and save high resolution videos like 4K videos.

The Alight Motion app features

Powerful playback

The Alight Motion app has an average playback of 4K at 60 fps, allowing users to edit their videos with ease and flexibility. This playback feature has proven to be very useful when working with slow-motion videos, especially when replaying the video.

Ability to create many layers and edit

A video is the outcome of a series of images with a motion effect. This feature of the Alight Motion app enables its users to divide the video into many layers and modify them accordingly. This feature can also be used to modify the audio settings of a video.

Moreover, it allows you to edit advanced types of graphics, such as raster images like vector and bitmap. Raster images are extremely complex and are hard to draw to achieve perfection, but through the Alight Motion app, these images can be drawn using your hands even on a very small screen like your smartphone.

Tailor-made images

People have vivid imaginations and different levels of creativity. The Alight Motion app allows users to convert their vivid imaginations into videos or images using the many effects available in the app.

There are many elements and amazing effects available for a user to test their level of creativity and put it into play through a video. The color correction feature is an additional amazing characteristic that comes with this feature.

Export different files in any format

You already know how daunting it is to change the format of an exported video or image, especially when it is not in the expected format.

This cool feature that the Alight Motion app has made it much easier when exporting graphics, videos, and other designs, as it can be done using many formats like GIF, MP4, PNG, etc. The best part is that irrespective of the format, the quality will remain the same as the original file, or even better.

Hundreds of editing tools

Through this feature, users can add and create anything like a video, ranging from new animation effects to a variety of templates. You can just go crazy with this feature, as it has hundreds of editing tools you can use to add effects, change colors and tones, etc.

Tool to build timing curves

Another notable feature of the app is the keyframe animation that can be used for all the settings. Animating is usually a hard task, but this is not the case if you use the Align Motion app.

This is due to the presence of the keyframe animation, which easily allows you to create timing curves as you prefer. There are also presets that will help you better with animating a video, image, or audio.

How do I install the Alight Motion app?

Given the amazing features this app has to offer, I’m sure you can’t wait to learn how to install it on your device.

The APK (Android Package Kit) Method

This method is pretty easy and will not take 15 minutes to install the app. If you own a smartphone, simply follow the steps below to successfully install the app. The procedure will be easier if you’re using any android device because, in a matter of three steps, you are good to go.

  1. Most smartphones require permission from their users when installing apps from unknown sources; therefore, the first thing to do is grant access for your phone to download and eventually allow the installation of apps from other sources.
  2. If you have the download link, press on it, and that will download the Alight Motion APK file to your device.
  3. Once it’s properly downloaded, you will receive a notification, which means the file is now available in the downloads folder of your device.
  4. After installing the file, you will see the app as an icon displayed on your home screen, available and ready for use.

Google Play installation method

This is much easier than the above method; usually, all smartphone devices come with the Google Play Store. Therefore, when you search for the app, you will get the latest version of the app; in this case, the 2023 updated version is available.

Once you click on the installation button, the app will be ready to use. The size of the file is usually 123.5 MB and supports the 4.1 and above version of Android.

What’s new in the Alight Motion app?

The latest version of the app is the 2023 version. This has come with even better features and is ideal to meet the requirements of the present-day video editor.

The company has introduced a new effect browser where you can search for whatever you want to create your video, image, or animation. There are also a few presets available, but you don’t have to use them; it’s a choice that you make.

Many video editing apps lack the resources to create or build complex images like the hexagon, hexagon tile shift, and tile rotate. The latest version of the Alight Motion app enables users to use these complex figures to create images, graphics, etc., and this can be done to achieve perfection.

The latest version has introduced some modern effects like motion blur, flip layers, turbulence, luma key, dots, solid matte, and many more. These effects add to the level of professionalism in a video, image, or animation.

A few of the effects that were already available in the app were modified and fine-tuned after observing the user’s requirements. For instance, the labels were made clearer than before.

The older versions did report a few bugs and minor issues when the users began using the app; therefore, most of these issues were fixed in the updated version.

The Alight Motion app is a user-friendly app, and it was created in such a way that anyone could easily make use of it. As some of the effects and features appeared to be complex for certain users, the developers decided to remedy this issue this year by attaching a brief description under each effect as an explanation of its function. This way, the users will be more aware of what they are using, and additionally, it will also help new users learn and add new effects to their work.

The audio section was improved to avoid or decelerate lagging.

The app was drastically improved this year to enable users to perform their tasks without a hassle; therefore, there was a major boost given to the performance of the app compared to how it has been during the past few years.

How do I use the Alight Motion app?

There are plenty of tutorials that you can watch to learn how to use the app. The good news is that it’s very simple, and once you start using the app, you will be guided step by step on how to create a video or an image.

How do I install the Alight Motion app on my PC?

Let’s see how we can install the Alight Motion app on your personal computer. Follow the six steps below, and within minutes you will be ready to create wonders using your PC.

Search for BlueStacks; this is an app player that allows Android applications to run on PCs that use Microsoft Windows or macOS. Once you manage to find it, click on download and start installing.

You might receive a Google pop-up notification requiring you to sign in. This is to use the Play Store.

If you already have the Play Store, type in the Alight Motion app and search for the latest version (2022).

Upon locating the correct version, click on the install button, and you will have it downloaded under the downloads file.

Keep in mind that to install BlueStack, you need a PC or Mac with a minimum RAM of 4 GB and an operating system like Microsoft Windows 7 or above. Further, an Intel or AMD processor and at least 5 GB of free space Most importantly, you have to possess sole rights over your PC. Apart from BlueStacks, users can alternatively use LDPlayer or MEMU Player as Android emulators.

Alight Motion FAQ

Is the Alight Motion app free?

Like many software applications, the Alight Motion app is also free. However, the only issue when it is free is that there will be a watermark visible on your films, and it is also suitable for simple video editing. To avoid this, you can subscribe to their premium version, which offers better features, including the exclusion of the watermark and access to attractive features.

How advanced is Alight Motion as opposed to other video editing apps?

The fact that Alight Motion is currently one of the most popular and first-promotion applications is sufficient to conclude that it is much more advanced and popular among users. Certainly, Alight Motion offers better features to create professional-looking, high-quality graphics, images, and animations. The freehand drawing feature almost makes it a user-friendly application.

What are the drawbacks of using the Alight Motion app?

There could be a few drawbacks with the app; however, most of the issues have been fixed in the updated version this year.

Many users complain about the time taken when exporting sound files and slight delays when working on audio, as these issues have been solved to a great extent this year. Other issues are the appearance of the watermark and advertisements when using the free version.

Is there a way to remove the watermark in the app?

Mainly, there are two ways. One method is to subscribe to the premium version, and once you purchase a particular plan (monthly or annually), the watermark will be permanently deleted. The other way is by raising a ticket to remove it for you, but this comes with a payment.

Is the app complicated for an average user who is not a video editor?

This is not true. As mentioned previously, this app is a user-friendly software application and offers many features that an average user can even learn and use. For instance, the descriptions explaining each effect and the freehand drawing facility make it easier to know why and how that particular effect can be used. It offers everything you may need to create an amazing piece of work with minimum effort.


Many more video editing applications are available to use freely; however, when considering giving your videos, images, or animations a professional outlook, the Alight Motion app plays its role well.

The app has paved the way for many of those who are unable to pay or get work customized with creativity and innovation, as it guides a user step by step on how to make use of its tools and other functions and is less complicated than any other video editing application.

You can be a graphic designer in the comfort of your own home thanks to apps like Alight Motion. Finally, due credit has to be given to the genius behind this wonderful app, Matthew Feinberg, and the developer company, Alight Creative, Inc. They have contributed immensely to the innovation of technology, and today, many who aspire to be professional video editors and graphic designers can achieve their dreams in a flash due to the availability of apps like Alight Motion.